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Mystique (hairspray)

Moisturizers come in various forms. There are oils, creams, serums, butters, sprays, etc... Hair needs moisture just as our bodies need it. Hair and product texture will dictate the formulas that is right for you. Some of us will gravitate to oils while others will love a lite-weighed moisture and will use a hairspray. You may use both a hairspray and an oil or the hairspray and a cream. The combination of what you decide can prove to be the perfect balance. Too much of the wrong products can flatten your hairstyle or cause an itchy scalp. I want to introduce to you the "Mystique" hairspray moisturizing conditioner. It is lite and will thicken your natural curls. It is perfect on locs, braids and all natural hairstyles. When combined with the IBC Butta or the SilkSerum, the effects are beautiful and long-lasting. You will experience a natural gloss and a frizz-free day. A little will go a long way. Mystique is a moisturizer, leav-in conditioner and sealant. You will love its convenience, freshness and fragrance.

Thank you


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